La fleur de pissenlit a une géométrie fascinante et symbolise la ténacité
La fleur de pissenlit symbolise la capacité à s’élever au-dessus des défis de la vie


A few words to resume the story of this new adventure:

Indeed, i have founded L’Atelier-Galerie L.O.B. in order to merge my two professions: <b>Interior designer and Furniture Designer.

I like to express an idea through an object,</strong> explore the potential of various materials, open possibilities thanks to innovations made with materials, create an emotion through a piece of furniture and a dialogue between usage and aesthetic.

I love places with a story.</strong> Because this story is the fruit of men and women who created, imagined, built them; it has been enriched by those who lived in those places; these interiors are passed down; today, you are the ones who filled them. These places are the backdrop of your everyday life; they need to be renovated, renewed, embellished, developed, optimised, adapted to your current life.

I experienced several professional lives, i have exercised various line soft work mostly in the field of creation and marketing; for more than ten years, interior design as well as furniture designing have taken a more important place in my life. As i like to do things seriously, i returned to the classes of school as to obtain a master’s in interior architecture and design while continuing my work. It’s been a few years now that i am solely focused on architecture and design. My atypical career made me autonomous on a number of aspects; i feel free to approach things differently and not dogmatically; enhancing things has always been my aspiration.

The encounters, readings and discoveries that i made feed my creations; everything inspires me, i’m very curious; i like the interactions between different universes and confront my ideas to the technical realities, create alchemy with those that accompany me and share the simple joy to go forward together.

The Atelier Galerie L.O.B. is a creation workshop and furniture publisher of contemporary furniture.

I am as much an interior architect as a designer; each and every one of my competences are in permanent interaction. Until now, the furniture i have created were part of an architectural project. Designing became an obvious need and pushed me to create my brand and a basis to develop my creations. Reducing the chains of productions and be the closest to things and people as possible. This is what drives my philosophy. Think what i can humbly, seriously, joyfully, and sincerely bring.

Being a designer is a long invisible work of research, hupothesis, of technical creation and aesthetic so that an object one day sees the light, an object that will be loved and accompany someone throughout their life. It’s a work where the know-how of different actors completes each other’s, and where challenges are a constant.

We choose an object because it resonates with us in our search of the useful, reational, intimate and harmonious. A part of my work is to create this emotion share it. This is the reward for all those that imagine things for others.

The Atelier L.O.B. answers to the demands of <b>both professionals and individuals,by the means of a simple philosophy: think first of the persons that lives and will live in a place. In other words, it consists in proposing the best adequacy between dreams, needs, and possibilities of each client. A time of listening, exchange, analysis and thinking is at the basis of each mission. The Atelier intervenes from the conceptualisation to the excution depending on the degree of support wished by the client.

Happiness is to navigate between these two activites that demands so many different resources that it is impossible to get bored.

I invite you to share my universe and follow me

Louise Baron

Louise Baron


  • Titulaire du diplôme d’Architecte d’Intérieur & Designer de l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes et du Design de Paris, agréée CFAI, diplôme reconnu par l’Etat RNCP1.
  • Je travaille sur Paris, région parisienne, en province, à l’étranger.
  • Parisienne depuis toujours, j’ai quitté depuis quelque temps Paris pour la campagne où le calme et le rapport au temps m’apportent beaucoup dans ma façon de travailler et d’aborder la création. A vrai dire, installée pas si loin de Paris pour me permettre d’y venir chaque semaine, je profite du temps de ces “mini-voyages” pour brasser les idées des projets en cours. 
  • Pour chaque mission, je m’entoure d’une équipe dédiée car chaque projet est unique.
  • Attachée à mettre en avant le savoir-faire français, je privilégie les artisans et ateliers de fabrication situés en France pour l’édition de mes créations.
  • Suivez-moi sur instagram, le réseau social que j’ai choisi pour communiquer sur mes créations, mes réalisations, mes coups de cœur, mes inspirations et ma passion pour la photographie
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